“Off the Lip” Newsletter

Winter Edition 2015

Words from the President

Thirty years officially in 2016, but not very accurate as Collaroy happened to be the second Hands on Day some months after the first gathering at Stanwell Park, south of Sydney.

A cold and windy day where good luck went before good management and those who stayed sat under the awning of the old Surf Life Saving club, covered with blankets and watching a very young Mark Occhilupo shred the waves and made very good surfers look pretty ordinary.

The gathering was about twenty strong with old members such as Leno, Big Bob, Bruce, Mad Mick and Glen, to name a few. Just before the first Collaroy event we teamed up with Dr. Geoff of Tracks Magazine fame and a few of us sold raffle tickets at the Sands Hotel in Narrabeen. It was big time for those days, as we had been donated a new board as first prize.

Heading down to Cronulla, I donned the only black and yellow costume I could hire, that being a big bumble bee outfit. Black and yellow as that was the DSA’s original colours. The day was one of the hottest ever, especially in the suit and when Santa and his band wanted to take pride of place in the Plaza, it was on!

As he marched up the plaza band and all, it was like the OK corral and a Mexican standoff was about to occur. Totally halting the parade when this mad Bumble Bee appeared out of nowhere and it came screaming down to Santa giving him a massive Bee hug. I can’t tell you what he whispered into my ear, but it wasn’t good.  We came out on top as all the tourists wanted their picture taken with the Bumble Bee, as let’s face it … Santa is everywhere!

Much has changed, people, our methods, the equipment and the Standard we set for all to follow. Now colour co-ordinated, trained Team Leaders and many volunteers, yet some things haven’t changed. People like Russel Philip, Adrian Van Druten, Doc Farrell, Jim Bradley and Ted Kabbout were there from the beginning. The gang began to spread up and down the coast with our sadly missed mate “Jason” who led the charge in Newcastle. Pico, the Hausey & Gould families and Len on the South Coast and the rest is history around Australia and now the World.

Fifteen branches throughout Australia and New Zealand and all because of your generosity and willingness to help others. A mighty effort from a bunch of ordinary Surfers, who went through Hell, fought the good political fight, took on the might of Surfing Australia and came out the other side.

Thank you all for your dedication to a cause that is so close to all of our hearts and puts so many “Smiles on Dials”. A better bunch of blokes & gals, I could ever ask for. Keep it simple and keep it fun and then we all come out the other side…

                                                                                                                     Gary Blaschke – National President

Daffy’s Desk – National Secretary Update


Hi folks, hope you are all coping in the falling temperatures in your respective districts. At this time of the year I am glad we live in a temperate zone with fairly warm water conditions.

The 2014 / 2015 season has been a very positive time for participation & volunteer numbers for all branches.

Many thanks to the parents / carers, volunteers & of course our legend participating surfers for being part of a continual building process for DSA.

As for all organisations DSA could not operate without our generous supporters, sponsors & catering suppliers who help facilitate the annual operational cost. A Massive Thank You to all involved.

The off season for DSA is where we have time to focus on the upcoming AGM, finalising the end of year financials, continuing our research & development program & preparation’s are already underway for the 2015 / 2016 season.

For further information on coming events, keep an eye on the website as when branch information comes available it will be posted on the website. www.disabledsurfers.org

Enjoy the winter months folks & we all look forward to catching up in spring.

Daffy Chisholm – National Secretary

Shane’s Screen…Web and $$$ – Update

Again another busy season / year has flown by and commitments to family, friends and work has kept us all juggling everything. I have dropped the ball on several occasions and I apologies for anything that I have missed during the year.

Just a reminder that our web pages are only be as the articles and photos that I receive…so keep sending them through and I will put them up (eventually). As new committee members join the fold and others go for a well deserved rest the information on the relevant pages needs be updated so please let me know.

I will be following up all branch Treasurers shorty with an updated Financial and Asset spreadsheet to be completed in July 2015 in preparation for our AGM in August 2015.

Some branches have already locked their events in the Event Calendar for the coming season…as other branches lock their dates please advise myself and Daffy so that I can update the relevant pages.

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and getting some time in the water…

Shane Henn – National Treasurer
Web Administrator 

 Special Report by the Vice Prez – Bruce

DSA Perth had another great season with this being our tenth year and many thanks to our hard working committee. 

With the 150mtrs beach matting finally here with the aid of a grant from Lotteries West and the West Australian Disabled Sports Association being our sponsor.  With four events this past season with an average of 60 participants per event and a great number of volunteers, it was a very successful season.  We also had excellent  sponsorship  from our participating school’s and also a fantastic donation from the people that work at Fremantle Port and their employer who matched their donation. 

With the construction of the new amenities building at Leighton Beach we are looking forward to another Great season in 2015-2016.

DSA Perth