South Australia Branch


The SA-DSA was formed like most others around Australia by the National Body in particular Gary Blaschke who came to South Australia in December, 2004 with a vision and purpose to ensure S.A. could and would offer those persons with an intellectual or physical disability a day at the beach and try catching a wave.

Thus the SA-DSA Branch was formed and in February, 2005 held its inaugural ‘Have a go day’ or now as it called ‘Have a Surf day’.  The branch has been holding 3 event days each and every year since 2005 and generally they are held in early December then February and in March.

The SA-DSA Branch operates out of the Moana Surf Life Saving Club situated approximately 40 minutes from the CBD or Adelaideairport on the southern coast in the suburb of Moana.  The surf club have been a tremendous support and base for each and every event.

The branch has a small dedicated and professional committee and since 2005 have regularly increased the number of trained volunteers and more importantly continues to increase the number of participants, ‘having a go at surfing’ with their respective disability.

The SA-DSA branch is a totally voluntary organisation, existing purely on the enormous good will and time of its volunteers, small donations either in kind or monetary from local businesses to ensure each and every event provides an opportunity for people with a disability to try catching a wave and for their families and/or carers some much needed respite.

Branch Contact Details

President: Kym Richardson 
Mobile: 0413 027 326
Email:      .
Vice President: Grant Faint 
Mobile: 0432 834 159
Email: .
Secretary: Bevan Schubert
Mobile: 0433 059 323
Email:  .
Treasurer: Michele
Mobile: 0407613629
Sponsorship Officer: Russell Markham

Mobile: 0423 352 369


Branch postal details:

Address: PO Box 271, Seaford, SA 5169  

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Event Calendar

  • Sunday 26th November 2017 –  Moana Surf Life Saving Club (1pm)
  • Sunday 25th February 2018 – Moana Surf Life Saving Club (1pm)
  • Sunday 25th March 2018 – Moana Surf Life Saving Club (1pm)


Recent Event / Hands on Day

The SA-DSA last event was in March earlier this year and can share with you the South Australian branch of the Disabled Surfers Association is still thriving and enjoying each and every event to simply put a smile on the face of a person with an intellectual or physical disability, their parents and / or carer’s.

Every year the participant numbers are increasing and we thank the many trained volunteers and team leaders who continually put their hand up.  As we all know without these volunteers ensuring the ratio’s are right for each specific individual an event like ours and throughoutAustraliacan not happen.