South West Branch


The Disabled Surfers Association is a not-for-profit organization and it’s sole aim is to give people with varying disabilities the opportunity to have a safe, happy & dignified surfing experience- come & experience it for yourself… We need helpers for jobs both in & out of the surf… the more, the merrier!


NEW VOLUNTEERS WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS!!!  NO surfing experience needed…

Participants must be accompanied by a carer.

All surfing gear supplied on the day for participants, Free barbeque and awards following event.

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Branch Contact Details

President:  Ant Pursell
Phone:  08 9755 4037 .
Vice President:  Murray Cameron / Gordon Smith
Treasurer:  Ashlyn Thompson
Mobile: 0400 844 987
Secretary:  Ashlyn Thompson
Mobile:  0400 844 987


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Event Calendar

  • Bunker’s Bay, Dunsborough
  • Saturday 8th December 2018
  • Saturday 19th January 2019
  • Sunday 17th February 2019
  • Saturday 9th March 2019


Recent Event / Hands on Day

Below are some photos of our lat event!

The WA-SW Crew
In the gun barrel (WA-SW)
Awesome high 5 (WA-SW)
All Smiles (WA-SW)
Bewteen rides (WA-SW)